We're Worlds Apart

Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador— These are just a few of the many incredible places around the world where we get our cocoa beans. This isn't your typical cocoa either. There's a world of difference in our chocolate.

Hand Selected Beans

Yes, they're hand selected. Only the absolutely perfect cocoa beans are chosen for our bean to bar process. This ensures that every piece is melt in your mouth delicious. The selection of beans is top shelf.

Lovingly Handcrafted

Every bean. Every bar. Truly special. Begun by a husband and wife couple who understand the intricacies of the chocolate making process, they lovingly handcraft each bar. The entire process is carefully overseen.

The Perfect Bar

Move over fine wine. Like the world's most revered wines, each bar of Night Owl Chocolate has nuances of aroma and flavor that signifies a truly remarkable taste. Each bar is made to perfection!

There's chocolate…and then there's CHOCOLATE!! (We're the latter, in case you're wondering.) We've conceived and crafted, measured and mixed, our magical and uncompromisingly faithful recipe during many, many, many late nights. In fact, that's how we got our name: Night Owl Chocolate. We realized quickly, however, that not all chocolate is created equal. There is indeed a vast difference between ho-hum, homogenized, mass-produced, run-of-the-mill chocolate…and authentically crafted, carefully roasted, organic, fair-trade-certified cocoa bean chocolate. Our chocolate—Night Owl Chocolate—is made lovingly for people who appreciate the difference.

Kitchen Diaries

Showing you delicious ways to use Night Owl Chocolate!