We're Worlds Apart

Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador— We get our cocoa beans from the incredible land of South America and are constantly adding new sources. These cocoa beans make a world of difference in our chocolate as we choose only the best. We only work with "fair trade" suppliers.

Hand Selected Beans

Hand selected for perfection. The perfect cocoa bean requires our full attention and for that reason, each bean is hand picked. Beans that do not meet our standards do not end up in our bars. This guarantees that every bite of our bars will be as delicious as can be.

Handmade With Love

Handmade with love in every bar. Night Owl Chocolate was started by a duo who understood the intricate process of chocolate making and therefore put all their attention and love into each handmade bar. Every bar is carefully observed from start to finish.

The Perfect Bar

Like fine wine but better. The aroma and flavor let out by each Night Owl Chocolate bar goes above and beyond even the best selection of wines. All our bars are truly made to perfection.

Night Owl Chocolate is not just chocolate, it’s THE chocolate!! Our recipe has gone through many rounds of trial and error to achieve the perfect bar. It required lots of patience and very little sleep (that’s why we’re called Night Owl), but in the end it was all worth it! Chocolate, although very common, differs greatly between all manufacturers. They’re not created equally and if not carefully crafted with the best ingredients, you’ll be able to taste the difference. Night Owl Chocolate understands this well, and we choose to create organic, fair-trade chocolate made for the people who appreciate quality.

Kitchen Diaries

Showing you delicious ways to use Night Owl Chocolate!